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Concert Outfit Ideas
By: Bay & Triana
We know figuring out what to wear for a concert is very hard. Rifling through your closet for hours is the usual result. You have to look cute but casual and stay warm but cool. Multitasking with clothes can be difficult. Here are some super cute concert outfit ideas that we hope will spark your imagination!
For a warm night:
1. High Waisted Denim Shorts // Bralette// Converse
This outfit keeps you looking cool and put together. Show off what you got in just a bralette. It’s perfectly okay for festivals. Go crazy and flaunt your inner personality with this fun and funky outfit.
2. Skater Skirt // Band Crop Top // Combat Boots
A little more covered up with this outfit but just as cute and cool. Show your love for music with a band crop top. You can even try cropping it yourself by just cutting off how much you want at the bottom. Pair with an easy and flowy skater skirt and combat boots for the perfect amount of girly and tough.
3. Leggings // Muscle Tee // Bralette// Sandals
Cover up those legs with some fun printed leggings. You can go any which way with leggings…galaxy, cats, or just plain black. Add a muscle tee to show off just the right amount of skin to keep you cool. Diy it by cutting off the sleeves, and for extra style points, put a bralette on underneath for a little bit of lace showing though. Throw on our favorite sandals and your look is complete.
4. Maxi Skirt // Bralette // Sandals
Skirts are fabulous for the summer because they keep you looking put together. A high waisted maxi skirt is perfect to pair with a bralette because you can balance the skin your covering on the bottom and show off a little more at the top. Sandals are also worn with this outfit because you can see them peep through the bottom of the skirt.
For a chilly night:
1. Light Washed Jeans // Crop Top // Cardigan // Converse
Light washed jeans are awesome for the summer because they’re a fresh new look. They’re a great twist on a classic. Keep it summery with a crop top, but add a cardigan just in case it’s too cold. Converse look great with jeans too, so lace em’ up!
2. Dark Washed Jeans // Tee Shirt Tied at the Bottom // Combat Boots
Keep it simple and chic with a dark washed jean and a t-shirt. Everyone has these staples in their closet so it’s super easy. Just tie the large t-shirt in a knot at the bottom and put on some converse and you have the comfiest and easiest convert attire.
3. Skirt // Tights // Crop Top // Jean Jacket // Converse
Pairing a skirt and tights is a delightful way to wear your skirts in cooler weather. Try experimenting with fun tight patterns and colors. Jean jackets are also terrific ways to stay warm. Throw on a crop top and converse and you’re good to go.
4. Leggings // Band Tee // Leather Jacket // Combat Boots
Leggings are lovely for concerts because they’re easy to move around in. Band tees are an easy idea for concerts because you can just match your tee to the band you’re going to see. Bring your handy leather jacket along with a pair of beat up combat boots and you’re good to go.

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